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About The Team


Joshua Schoenbart is the CEO and Founder of The EyeBook. Mr. Schoenbart was born in New York City and is a Business and Sociology major at Dartmouth College. Though he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Schoenbart learned about the optometric industry from his father, an optometrist in Long Island. After understanding the operations and intricacies of the industry, Mr. Schoenbart decided to act on his keen interest and enter the field himself. Mr. Schoenbart’s career as a businessman within the eye care industry began in 2004 when he assisted Long Island optometric practitioners and eyeglass stores in buying and selling eyewear. Through e-commerce and online stores, Mr. Schoenbart was successfully able to facilitate the buying and selling processes of both eyeglasses and sunglasses. After continuing this venture for over six years, Mr. Schoenbart decided to start his own line of eyeglasses in 2010. Despite designing each frame and beginning the production process in factories worldwide, Mr. Schoenbart soon realized the inefficiencies, strong competition, and time consumption that his venture entailed; he decided to place his idea on hold and focus his attention to another endeavor. Mr. Schoenbart was determined to remain in the optometric industry, and sought to create a service-based site that would benefit practitioners while improving the accessibility of optometric health services. Soon thereafter, The EyeBook was born. With its extensive directory of highly qualified and specialized eye care professionals, The EyeBook serves as the best tool on the web for helping patients find the right optometric professional in their area and for connecting these professionals with patients.


Ken Chang is an expert in the area of technology and software programming. With a computer science degree from University of California, Ken's worked with some tech giants like Amazon and Apple, and has consulted many startups as well. In his eight years in the software industry, Ken's worked with a variety of technologies such as mobile and web programming, but also has plenty of operations and logistics experience. Ken is always looking out where a business can run more efficiently and more elegantly.